Winter fishing in Astrakhan

Winter fishing in Astrakhan is a fascinating and interesting activity that attracts a huge number of fishermen from all over our country, and not only. The article was prepared with the informational support of the fishing and hunting base for family recreation “On Kalinovka”.


Features of winter fishing

The Astrakhan Region is where one of the largest rivers in the entire territory of Russia originates: the Volga. The numerous lakes, backwaters and streams in this region provide fishing enthusiasts with unlimited possibilities.

It is noteworthy that there is no fishing off-season in Astrakhan as such. Therefore, regardless of the season, the catch in this area is always big.

Winter fishing in Astrakhan

Species of fish found in the waters of the region

The underwater landscape of the Volga is extremely diverse and therefore you can find many interesting fish species here.

Avid fishermen will have the opportunity to catch large-toothed pikes, asps, walleyes and red-finned perches on spinning.

Fishing enthusiasts can enjoy fishing giant representatives of river pits – baleen catfish.

Well, the famous Astrakhan vobla takes a separate place among the rest of the catch. During spawning, it can be caught really on an industrial scale. However, it should be remembered that fish inspections impose restrictions on the catch of this fish at certain times of the year.

The so-called buffalo deserves special attention. In appearance, the fish resembles a cross between carp and crucian carp, and some species of this breed can reach 5-6 kg.

Species of fish found in the waters of the region

According to the stories of experienced fishermen, specialists from the Canadian city of Buffalo were engaged in the crossing of individual representatives on one of the farms. After that, several specimens were brought to Volgograd for cultivation in the lake. But during the spring flood, the lake was flooded and the fish freely entered the river. A feature of this breed is that it is unpretentious to the aquatic environment, food and easily reproduces. Thus, the “native” of the Canadian Buffalo got used to well and quickly spread throughout the Volga and the Akhtuba tributaries.

Ice fishing – relaxation for body and soul

In order to go fishing in the summer, you do not need special tackle and angler qualifications. It is enough just to take a fishing rod, some kind of bait and a kukan (a special device for saving and transferring the caught fish).

Winter fishing is a completely different matter, which implies the presence of special devices and tools for fishing.

Despite the fact that winter fishing in Astrakhan requires special skills, it will not leave anyone indifferent. And after you have mastered all the intricacies of fishing, fishing will turn into a relaxed and interesting rest.

Ice fishing - relaxation for body and soul

If for a fisherman In the middle lane, winter is a dead time, but the same cannot be said about the fishermen of the Astrakhan region. All avid winter fishing enthusiasts will not miss the opportunity to visit the Volga delta. It is here that ice fishing is more exciting than anywhere else.

Regardless of whether you are a fisherman with many years of experience or just a beginner, rest assured that the Volga will thank you for your diligence and will not let you go without a catch.

The advantages of winter fishing include the fact that with the onset of frost, the fish becomes more plump and fatty.

Features of ice fishing

The last days of November are the time when the Volga delta is covered with ice. Although some of its channels, where the depth is especially great and there is a strong current, finally freeze up only by mid-December. Therefore, going out on the ice, you should be extremely careful and beware of deep-water and thawed places.

The optimal time for winter fishing in Astrakhan is the period when the temperature is fairly stable and does not exceed five degrees below zero. On these dates, the fish is distinguished by enviable activity and the bite is especially good.

Features of ice fishing

The main regions of the Astrakhan region, where biting is especially good

On the Volga and its tributaries, you can meet fans of winter fishing from the most remote regions of Russia. Saratov, Nizhny Novgorod, Moscow and Smolensk are just the smallest list of cities whose representatives visit the Astrakhan region in winter.

The Lower Volga, its delta and Akhtuba are in great demand among fishermen in the winter season.

Here you can successfully catch pike perch, pike, perch. Biting is especially intense in winter in shallow backwaters and pits, where there is a reverse current.

Among the main techniques and methods of winter fishing in Astrakhan are:

  • jigging / spinning (relevant for zander);
  • angling for girders (pike and perch);
  • method of sheer spinning.

The main bait for fishing in the winter season is a “devil”, a bloodworm or a no-nozzle jig.

Where to stay for winter fishing in Astrakhan: fishing bases and price range

Along the banks of the Volga there are numerous fishing bases, campings, rest houses, the doors of which are open to visitors even in the winter season.

Where to stay for winter fishing in Astrakhan: fishing bases and price range

Bases are preferred by those fishing enthusiasts who love cosiness and comfort. But the prices for accommodation here cannot be called democratic. For connoisseurs of budget holidays, we can recommend the private sector of Astrakhan.

However, the most popular among anglers are the bases. Only in the Volga delta, their total number is more than 50, about 20 more are concentrated on Akhtuba.

Among the most popular databases it should be noted:

  • “On Kalinovka”;
  • “Two minnows”;
  • “Reserved tale”;
  • “Cool place”;
  • “The ark”.

As an additional service, each base will offer tackle rental. It is also possible to book fishing under the guidance of an experienced angler.

Due to the fact that a large number of bases organizing winter fishing are concentrated along the banks of the Volga, the price range is quite wide.

The main criteria for the cost of renting a base will be the level of comfort, the list of services provided and the territorial distance from the place of intended fishing. The most budgetary economy option will cost about a thousand rubles per day, however, comfortable premium-class apartments in the prestigious regions of the Astrakhan region will cost from four and a half thousand or more. In the latter, you can use the service of a huntsman who knows all the cool places and features of fishing in a particular period of winter.

As with the choice of means and devices for fishing, most fishing enthusiasts are very careful in choosing a base for winter deployment for the biting period. Of course, comfort and convenience of living are important factors, but one aspect must be taken into account without fail: special attention should be paid to the territorial remoteness of the base from the intended place of fishing.

Reviews of experienced anglers

Reviews of experienced anglers

According to experienced fishermen, winter fishing in Astrakhan it is distinguished by excellent bite and always a weighty catch. Neither gusty wind nor strong frost is able to stop the gambling lover of ice fishing. Indigenous Astrakhan residents will also not fail to have the opportunity to fish on the embankment in the center of the city itself.

And many residents of neighboring regions specially take a vacation to enjoy all the delights of winter fishing in Astrakhan.

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