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Freezing up opens up very special opportunities for anglers, therefore they are waiting for it with such impatience, they are in such a hurry to go out on young ice. At the same time, it is often forgotten that absolutely […]

“From November to December 2014, 6 fishermen drowned in the Orenburg region on the Or river. On November 11, returning home after fishing, my older brother fell under the ice from hypothermia. It was +5 outside, but the ice was […]

There are many examples of how the initially successful winter fishing was spoiled by the fault of the fishermen themselves. For many, hunting for pike-perch is not about finding new, untouched places for a predator, but constant tracking of successful […]

Ide is one of the active fish in winter. Due to the peculiarities of its habitat, it is usually not necessary to count on large catches of this fish, but this circumstance only spurs interest in the person of the […]

At the very beginning of March, bleak, known to everyone and loved by many fishermen since childhood, begins to be actively caught on the Izhevsk pond. In Udmurtia, it is usually called a tickle. Despite the small size of the […]

In today’s realities and with the development of progress, it is difficult to imagine how fishing would take place if it was not possible for fishermen to select borax for winter fishing. To prevent unpleasant surprises on the pond, you […]

Fishing from the ice is a very interesting activity that attracts many fishermen. But in the cold season, the fish is not very active, so winter fishing rods must be correctly made and set up. The rod is the main […]

The ice auger is one of the most common devices to help fishermen during winter fishing. But sometimes, after entering the pond, anglers are faced with the problem of blunt knives, which can lead to all fishing in a bad […]

As you know, winter is not a reason to give up your favorite entertainment and wait for the warmth to go on a long-awaited fishing trip. Winter fishing is both an opportunity to enjoy communication with the fabulous nature and […]