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Chris Gibbons from Shell Knob Missouri on Table Rock Lake has found that cold water crankin’ is the best and most productive way to catch all three types of  bass, smallmouth, large mouth and spotted in cold water.  During these […]

The jig is a simple bait that you can cast and do just about any movement to catch fish.  They can be considered the most productive baits known to man.  The jig is also known as a big fish catcher. […]

As a co-angler, there’s really not too many tips and tricks articles out there for us to dive in on. What’s crazy about that is the fact that there are tens of thousands of us out there that fish competitively […]

There’s likely hundreds of thousands of crankbait variations when you factor in colors and sizes. So needless to say, it’s impossible for any of us to try them all. Even certain companies now have too many baits to sample top […]

A lot of people think the Tokyo Rig is just a short leader dropshot, which it kind of is, but you don’t get the same action as you would from a dropshot. The action is just a little bit different. […]