Running in the engine and some fishing

There was still no time to test the boat and motor on the water. Bought recently and have not yet entered the “expanse of the river wave”. Only in the barrel did the engine start. The water boiled, mud and dregs rose. The jet of cooling water stopped flowing. And we understood – we blocked the cooling. Therefore, they did not postpone going out to the river. We got together right away, loaded the boat and the engine into the trunk of the Logan, took a couple of spinning rods with us, just in case, and – forward, and the engine “rests” on clean water …

To be honest, I wanted a bigger boat and a more powerful engine, because for several years I had been walking along the Volga in a duralumin “Obi-3” resembling a boat, and under the “Whirlwind” twentieth. Not the strongest, of course, the motor, but its power was enough to go on planing, at least when the boat was not overloaded. And then the “Troll” motor of two and a half strength … What can this troll with its liquid strength? .. But the boat weighs only 30 kg. We successfully took the “Delta” with a length of 310 cm. Not the shortest boat and, moreover, with a rigid floorboard, that is, in the old way. Why – is it successful? The shop has just opened. There was not even a sign yet, that’s why there were discounts.

And here we are by the water

So far, only in the city, not fishing, but soon we plan to go to the Volga channels. We pump up the boat. Three compartments, enough buoyancy in a shipwreck. Swings easily with a leg frog. We put the motor on the transom. Starts up like a clock. We begin on the “turtle” to go to the fairway. Then – half gas, well, a little more. The maximum is impossible – running in. These are the qualifiers for “dummies”: “turtle” – the smallest gas, “hare” – full gas.

We take a walk from the Eurospar store, which is located on our Amsterdam embankment, to the reservoir near the Shiryaykovo microdistrict. Four kilometers will be round trip, if not more, taking into account the circles around the reservoir. Nothing, the boat is running, although the captain and the passenger are both not thin. The elder son already weighs 105 kg, and I – 95. And the motor works at half strength. It is quite enough to start filtering water over snags. There, in the flooded zone, among the forests, still sticking out of the water in places, it hurts to not accelerate … So I reassure myself, but in my thoughts I already have a 5 horsepower motor. According to the passport, this is the maximum power for this boat. It seems that such a motor will be enough to go to the redan.

A big plus for such a configuration is the ability to travel to any water body, loading the engine and boat into the trunk, and not be tied to one berth, as I had in Kokshaisk, where the Ob-3 was stationed. But, looking ahead, I will say that after long kilometers along the Cheboksary reservoir, I nevertheless came to the conclusion: such a complete set of a boat and a motor is suitable precisely for trips to the most different, but not very large reservoirs. For the Volga expanses, if you go beyond the islands to the sea, you still need a bigger boat and a more powerful motor.

But back to running in …

After twirling around our local reservoir, we approach the shore and paddle along the strip of egg-pods. Here, I used to catch gusters and scavengers quite well from a boat, sometimes bream would grab a lobe of maggots and worms on a hook, planted in the form of the famous “sandwich”. And here, at the old bathhouse, in the morning I exhibited about eight summer girders-flyers, suspended on poles. Small silver crucians served as bait. I stuck the poles along the edge of the strip of water lilies, which still stretches along the coast. But after fishing, which was often successful, it was necessary to pull out all the poles from the bottom and hide them in the coastal willow bushes, otherwise, leaving them in the water, next time, it is guaranteed that you will not find them on the spot. Out of curiosity, ripped out by vacationers on rental boats. Than already they are attracted by sticks sticking out of the water, but they will certainly swim up and pull out.

Now we want to test the pike’s appetite by teasing it with proven baits. The pike should already come to life, its time has come, August is in the yard. But casting of oscillating spoons, rubber, wobblers gave nothing. The turntables helped out. Those still proven Mepps. And on Akarov’s Action Series Bullet 2 there were bites, sorry, the last ones for this spoon. Someone bit it off. There was bait without a leash. But we never caught the pike. For half an hour they pulled the perches on the ear, and that’s how it ended. But most importantly, they checked the boat and the engine, and tomorrow – to the Volga.

Alexander Tokarev and

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