Fishing from the ice is a very interesting activity that attracts many fishermen. But in the cold season, the fish is not very active, so winter fishing rods must be correctly made and set up. The rod is the main […]

Fishing for trout in winter is like a drug. A fisherman, who once in his life tried to fish this fish, can no longer refuse this pleasure. Therefore, trout fishing continues from the ice, because the fish is quite active […]

Winter fishing in Astrakhan is a fascinating and interesting activity that attracts a huge number of fishermen from all over our country, and not only. The article was prepared with the informational support of the fishing and hunting base for […]

The ice auger is one of the most common devices to help fishermen during winter fishing. But sometimes, after entering the pond, anglers are faced with the problem of blunt knives, which can lead to all fishing in a bad […]

Winter fishing is always interesting and unpredictable, because the weather and the sensations themselves are completely different. We can say that this type of fishing is similar to a quest, because on the way to a big catch there are […]

As you know, winter is not a reason to give up your favorite entertainment and wait for the warmth to go on a long-awaited fishing trip. Winter fishing is both an opportunity to enjoy communication with the fabulous nature and […]

A lot of people think the Tokyo Rig is just a short leader dropshot, which it kind of is, but you don’t get the same action as you would from a dropshot. The action is just a little bit different. […]