On a boat under its own power on the highway, on water, and on ice

Hovercraft mini boat.

Probably, every angler at one time dreamed: “Oh, if I had a small helicopter, such a compact, cozy, with a cabin for four people. I wish I could go fishing with comfort, even to the very chapik to a forest lake, even to the Volga island. Well, or a miraculous all-terrain vehicle, so that you can walk through any swamp and snow up to your waist. ” To some extent, something like this dream could have been realized in Soviet times without any problems. I remember that we flew to catch sabrefish in those days on the AN-2 plane, the so-called “corn-maker”. This working flying horse also pollinated the fields, and carried passengers by local airlines over short distances. It was on it, a two-winged biplane, that we flew on a fishing trip to Yurino, where in the summer there was a massive saberfish on the “elastic”. Fortunately, the plane ticket cost, it seems, 5 rubles. And a week of fishing, of course, more than paid for the cost of the ticket, although 5 rubles in those days when the advance was 30-40 rubles, was considered quite serious money. But we could afford such a fishing trip. Now it would hardly have occurred to me to fly in a similar way on some Yak-42 in the same Yurino.

But the years go by, everything changes, the technique becomes more and more perfect, including for fishing. And now samples of air cushion boats are already appearing not as military equipment or transport of the Ministry of Emergencies, but for private fishing.

Tornado F50 mini hovercraft

In this technique, one might say, the dream of an angler has come true. This boat can take fishermen to a river or lake on its own along the highway, however, the road must be flat. Our highways are generally of poor quality, but the surface is still relatively flat. And since the boat does not have wheels, pits and potholes are not dangerous for it. Having reached a river or lake, the boat simply goes down into the water and continues on its way, as if nothing had happened. It’s the same with ice. I drove along the road, went down to the ice and – forward to the Volga Islands, which such a high-speed technique can reach in minutes.

  Tornado F50

Boat characteristics

On the highway, or rather above it, the Tornado F50 hovercraft moves at a maximum speed of 75 km per hour. On water, where the resistance is greater and there are disturbances in the form of waves, the speed of the boat is 60 km / h. This amazing car develops the greatest speed on ice, where it can move at almost an automobile speed of 100 km / h. The propeller with which the boat develops such a speed is a propeller or, in other words, a propeller. The boat is capable of lifting up to 300 kilograms of cargo on board. The hull of the Tornado F50 hovercraft is made of fiberglass and the flexible skirt is made of polyamide. The dimensions of the boat are 3.15×1.89×1.54 m. The machine weighs 230 kilograms. The engine power of this all-terrain vehicle is 55 l / s, and the fuel consumption is 10-15 liters per hour. Gas tank capacity – 18 liters.

Tornado F50 mini hovercraft in winter

This is a two-seater car, and no more is required for fishing. The main thing is that there is a companion, and noisy companies are useless when fishing.

Alexander Tokarev

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