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Selwyn Lake Lodge
Selwyn Lake, Northern Sask.

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Fishing in Nunavut

"Welcome to Nunavut, where dazzling icebergs dot sapphire seas. Welcome to our endless skies and our midnight sun."

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Canada's Newest Territory

Canada's newest territory, formed in 1999, encompasses one-fith of the country's land mass. Nunavut's vastness encompasses many regional variations of arctic climate, landforms and ecosystems, from the flat barren lands and shallow tundra lakes of western Nunavut to the majestic fiords, mountain ranges and icebergs of eastern Nunavut.

From huge lake trout lurking in the deep, cold lakes of the Kivalliq Region and the Arctic coast, to battling arctic char cruising the pools and estuaries of arctic rivers, Nunavut is home to some of the world's best fishing.

The Fish

Of all the game fish found in Nunavut, none is as sought after as the legendary arctic char, considered by many fishermen to be one of the top game fish in the world. There are, however, only a few established char fishing camps in Nunavut, and only three lodges offer char fishing. Community outfitters and guides will be well versed in the best local char fishing spots.

There are a few fishing lodges in Nunavut, though not as many as in the western Northwest Territories.

Note: Anglers planning a fishing trip to Nunavut must keep in mind that many of the lakes and rivers are very remote and difficult to access. Some are so remote that even local Inuit don't fish in them. Many of the rivers and lakes have absolutely no infrastructure, such as accommodation or boats. If you go in, you must fly them in with you. If you are using the services of an outfitter, you must make certain that your outfitter has all of the necessary camping equipment and a boat suitable for fishing.

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