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Alberta Licenses & Regulations

Licensing Requirements

An Alberta Sportfishing Licence is required to fish in Alberta, except at privately owned trout ponds (see Licences and Costs). If you are under 16 years of age, an Alberta resident aged 65 or older, or a registered Indian under the Indian Act, you are not required to have a Sportfishing Licence, but you must follow sportfishing regulations. Provincial licences are not valid inside national parks.
Sportfishing Licences are available at private licence issuers throughout the province. If you lose your licence, contact a local licence issuer.

Sturgeon Sportfishing

  • Any angler who wishes to keep a sturgeon is required to hold a Sturgeon Fishing Licence in addition to a Sportfishing Licence. An Alberta Sportfishing Licence is also required unless you are under 16 years of age, an Alberta resident aged 65 or older, or a registered Indian.
  • An angler may only purchase one Sturgeon Fishing Licence per year.
  • The Sturgeon Fishing Licence is only valid for the keeping of one sturgeon per year over 130 cm in length from the South Saskatchewan River system (includes the Oldman, Bow and Red Deer rivers), and only during the time period of June 16 to March 15.
  • Fishing for sturgeon between May 8 and June 15 in the South Saskatchewan River system and in the North Saskatchewan River system throughout the entire year, is catch-and-release-only (0-limit).
  • Each sturgeon kept must be tagged immediately with the tag provided with the Sturgeon Fishing Licence. Do not remove this tag until the sturgeon is prepared for taxidermy or consumption.
  • A Sturgeon Fishing Licence does not permit the holder to use more lines than authorized by his or her Sportfishing Licence (see General Sportfishing Restrictions).

Sportfishing in Provincial and National Parks

To fish in an Alberta Provincial Park, you need an Alberta Sportfishing Licence. To fish in a National Park, you need a National Park Fishing Permit. Provincial licences are not valid inside national parks and regulations may differ. National park fishing permits are available at most park facilities and some commercial outlets. For information on sportfishing in the National Parks, contact the Western Regional Office of the Canadian Parks Service in Calgary (toll-free) at 1-800-748-7275.

Cold Lake

Sportfishing in Cold Lake requires either an Alberta Sportfishing Licence or a Saskatchewan Angling Licence. The Alberta Fishery Regulations apply to the Alberta portion of Cold Lake; the Saskatchewan Fishery Regulations apply to the Saskatchewan portion of Cold Lake (Saskatchewan regulations are consistent with Alberta regulations for Cold Lake).


Note:This is for information purposes only. It is neccessary for all anglers to review the provincial angling regulations for more detailed info on limits and regulations.

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