Ice augers for fishing

In today’s realities and with the development of progress, it is difficult to imagine how fishing would take place if it was not possible for fishermen to select borax for winter fishing. To prevent unpleasant surprises on the pond, you need to correctly approach the choice of a drill and take into account the main factors.

Several factors influence the choice of an ice screw model. First of all, this is the size of the intended prey and the type of fishing. Budget size and personal preference of the fishermen are secondary factors. The drill can have various characteristics.

Boers for winter fishing

Tool characteristics

These tools have a number of characteristics that must be followed when choosing a particular model. These characteristics affect the price of an ice screw, as well as its intended purpose. Fishermen highlight the following characteristics.


Ice screw diameter

The choice of this parameter is influenced by many factors, but the main one is the size of the intended production. The diameter of the ice screw will depend on the size of the fish you are going to catch.… Most often, fishermen use devices with the following diameter:

  • 80 – 100 mm… It is very easy to drill holes with this drill. Most often, such models are bought for fishing for roach, small pike and zander, as well as perch.
  • 110 – 120 mm… This version of the drill is considered to be universal. It is suitable for fishing for the aforementioned fish, and a 3 kilogram pike easily slips into a hole of this size, and it is suitable for catching a bastard.
  • 130 – 150 mm… Experienced fishermen consider this type of drill the most suitable for different conditions. It will be difficult to drill a hole, but any fish will pass through it.
  • 170 – 200 mm… Such ice screws are used for winter fishing for bream, when they spend several days on the pond. It is very difficult to drill holes with such a drill, so it is customary to feed the fish for a long time.

Screw length

Choosing the right auger length is also difficult. But the choice is not so wide, you only need to choose from two options. Most often, ice fishing boers can have auger lengths:

  • Up to 1 meter… The most commonly used models. In central Russia, water never freezes by more than a meter, so the use of such a drill is not entirely justified. Anything can happen in northern latitudes, so anglers lean towards the latter;
  • More than a meter… It can be a drill with an extended auger (up to 120 centimeters) or a telescopic version.


Ice screw knives

Knives are the most important element for an ice screw. They can be made from different metals, but manufacturers most often use:

  • Sheet steel… This is the cheapest option for knives, but they are heavy and corrode quickly. Yes, and some manufacturers save on steel hardening, which leads to a quick dullness, and when buying, it is impossible to check hardening;
  • Stainless steel… Stainless steel drill knives are an order of magnitude higher and are used in imported versions of products. They do not dull for a long time and the weight of such steel is relatively small.

Top Models

Boers for winter fishing have been produced for a long time and the choice of models is very wide, but not all of them are popular. While fishing, you will notice that the vast majority of fishermen use the same products. This is due to the popularity and quality of some models. The most common are:

  • Leningrad ice screws;
  • Barnaul ice screws;
  • Ice screws Iceberg;
  • Swedish Boers Mora;
  • Finnish models Rapala

Leningrad ice screws

Leningrad ice fishing boers are one of the oldest and most proven models. Despite the small range, such drills are very popular in Russia and most of the post-Soviet countries. These drills are produced in various diameters: 100, 130 and 150 millimeters.

Now the line of produced ice augers has significantly expanded and Leningrad ice augers are produced with different parameters that are suitable for different fishing conditions. Fishermen have the opportunity to buy standard or extended drill, you can choose the model with Rapal handle or telescopic auger

For particularly fastidious fishermen, the company produces models with a telescopic auger, which has an additional number of turns… Also, the plant produces drills of left rotation and from titanium… So the choice is very large.

Also, anglers are given the opportunity to purchase an adapter for a screwdriver from the same manufacturer.

Barnaul ice screws

Barnaul ice screws

The Barnaul Boers are also known as the Tonar Boers. They are ideal accessories that offer an excellent price-performance ratio. These are the most budgetary models on the fishing market. You can find five modifications of ice screws:

  • classic;
  • telescopic;
  • two-handed;
  • sports;
  • Tornado-M.

Particularly interesting is the Tornado-M model, all elements of which are fitted very precisely, and the product itself has increased strength.

All of the above models of hand drills are made of steel. In Barnaul also produce titanium drills, which are durable and lightweight, such products are resistant to corrosion. High quality and low price give them a very big advantage.

Special, innovative drill models from manufacturers are equipped with three blades instead of two. This improvement allows for very quick and easy hole drilling. You can find models with a diameter of 100 to 180 millimeters.

Ice screws iceberg

Ice screws iceberg

Among domestic fishermen, one often hears talk about Iceberg ice screws. A distinctive feature of such drills is wide auger pitch, allowing you to drill holes very quickly with minimal effort. Also, these models are equipped with a removable head, which makes the fishing process easier.

Such drills are made from composite materials, which can significantly increase their service life.

High quality steelused in the manufacture of knives guarantees a long service life. Fishermen are given the opportunity to purchase an additional adapter for the chuck for a screwdriver. You can additionally mount the motor on an ice screw or attach a telescopic extension handle.

Iceberg ice fishing drills are equipped with special handles, the main task of which is to prevent the fisherman’s hands from sliding. Special pads on the handles prevent hands from freezing angler.

Imported manufacturers

Imported manufacturers

Imported ice fishing drills have always been distinguished by innovative solutions, high quality and great price. Domestic fishermen often use borax from the Finnish company Rapala or Swedish borax from the company Mora

The Swedish ice screw Mora is somewhat different from the usual models – it has a different direction of drilling… Our anglers are used to drilling holes in a counterclockwise direction, the Swedes are closer to the rotation clockwise… The knives on the drill are spherical, since the drilling edge is not flat.

Such ice screws, depending on the model, can drill holes with a diameter of 11 to 20 centimeters.

The main advantage of Swedish drills is the ease of working with ice, such models able to easily drill wet ice… The only thing worth paying attention to is knives of such drills are very afraid of contact with sand

The price for such models is much higher than for Russian drills with similar characteristics.

The main the difference between Rapala drills is the presence of specialized cutting heads… You can change the head and easily drill a hole with a larger or smaller diameter. The use of heads with a smaller diameter entails a worse ejection of sludge, but this is a trifle.

Finnish Boers are also afraid of contact with sand… The cutting head can become dull on contact with the ground, and replacing it will cost you a pretty penny. With proper use, such heads can be used for 5 seasons, or even more.

Motorized augers

Motorized augers

The modernization and development of technology is gaining stunning momentum. Motorized augers are gradually replacing hand-held models from the fishing market. And there is nothing surprising in this, because the mechanization of human labor has always been an urgent problem. The models of motorized drills are getting better every year.

Gasoline ice screws

Such models run on gasoline engines… The diameter of the holes, like the knives, of such drills is identical to the parameters of hand models. This is quite convenient, since it is not difficult to find spare parts, and if such ice-fishing drills break down, then it will be possible to completely change the auger.

But such models are difficult to transport, so if you do not have a car, it will be difficult to get to the reservoir.

The high price is the main disadvantage of such models. The motor costs about 18-20 thousand rubles, so not every fisherman can afford such a purchase. For spare knives and auger, you will have to pay about 10 thousand.

Models of the best motorized augers

There is nothing special to say about the main characteristics of motorized ice augers, since there are few models in comparison with manual devices. Therefore, choosing the best auger for winter fishing with a motor is difficult and pointless.

Famous among fishermen Japanese motor drill Hitachi… Its peculiarity is that it is able to drill holes in ice and soil without changing the structure. It is a relatively powerful and versatile model that is great for fishing in winter.

American company Jiffy is also engaged in the production of high-quality motorized ice augers, which are very popular among domestic fishermen. These devices do an excellent job and will serve you for a long time.

How to choose an ice screw depending on the type of fishing

Each drill model has a set of characteristics that in one way or another affect the fishing conditions. For example, the motorized ice fishing augers are very heavy, but they can make many holes without much effort. The choice of a drill model directly depends on the conditions and type of fishing.

How to choose an ice screw depending on the type of fishing

Drill for walking predator fishing

The predator needs to be looked for, so the angler has to move a lot across the reservoir and drill a huge number of holes. Manual models will exhaust the angler with frequent drilling, so it is better to use gasoline or electric models.

Stationary fishing for white fish

Fishing for white fish does not provide for constant movement around the reservoir, so using a classic hand drill will be enough. The diameter of the drill should be chosen based on the size of the intended prey, usually fishermen prefer augers of 110 or 130 millimeters.

Catching a predator with gnats

Fishing for zerlitsy involves drilling a huge number of holes, so it is better to take electric or motorized drills for winter fishing with zerlitsa. A hand drill with an adapter for a screwdriver will also work.

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