Fishing on the verge of extreme

I took a light boat from China for inspection. This boat was clearly not made for people …

Today I am going on my fragile “canoe” to the oxbow on Malaya Kokshag. I hit the shore before entering the oxbow. We urgently need to pump up the boat. And this turned out to be not an easy thing. But one should start with the fact that this time he did not take with him the proven and reliable “Omega-2”. Too heavy. To drag far on your shoulders, and there are almost no entrances to the river in the right place. A PVC boat with a motor is also nowhere to use. I decided to check out a Chinese toy, obviously made of vinyl. The Atlantic is called. At my request, it was sent to me by a good person and comrade, a colleague from the pen, the author of the favorite newspaper “RKG”, a fisherman with a fishing surname – Andrey Rybakov, who lives in Moscow. We do not have such boats for sale. I only need it for the spring, when sometimes, in order to get to the dry coast, you have to cross a lowland flooded with water. Or collect a broken duck. The boat weighs less than two kilograms. I threw it into my backpack and forgot about it. But any pros have a downside. And it became clear on the river, when, being too lazy to lug the rubber “Omega”, I took this light boat from China for inspection.

Although I immediately replaced the Chinese fart pump with our usual one for rubber boats, I left part of the hose with the adapter. Therefore, even if it became easier to pump, air still flows through a thin hose for a long time. You can fix it, but only if you cut out the Chinese valve and glue the valve from the same “Omega”. He pumped this “kitayka” on the shore twice as long as his rubber “Omega” and even the motor “Delta” made of PVC. Although there is a frog pump, not an electric pump. Looking ahead, I will say that it takes a very long time to bleed the air out of the boat. It is not clear for whom the Chinese made this boat, but clearly not for people …

Barely went out, as the air hissed. It turns out that the plug was pulled out of the valve. For what reason did the Chinese comrades make a valve right at hand, inside the boat, next to the oarlocks? It is clear, you can drown the valve inward. But, judging by the material from which the valve is made, after a certain number of such “drowning” the plug will simply come off and you will have to pick the valve out of the boat in some clever way. In addition, he immediately poisoned the air from somewhere from a seam in the bow of the boat. It’s just audible.

In addition to the fact that the boat consists of only one section, the valve is not equipped with any protection of the “nipple” or “diaphragm” type, which would be a barrier in case of reverse air movement. Although, something similar to the valve is visible, but the air is poisoned through this “something” completely freely.

So, I got to the place, but to start fishing, you need to pump up the boat. It turned out to be difficult to do this on the water, although Omega can be pumped up right on the water without any problems. The banks are steep, there is nowhere to get out. Found some kind of attack and tried to crawl out of the boat. But she, light as a feather, spun underfoot and went into the water. In a word, he bathed and was taken out in the coastal clay, especially since there is nowhere to stand on a narrow bank.

The boat is clearly intended for narrow use, which was stated at the beginning. But catching something from it and transporting something is nonsense. And there is no free place in it and it is dangerous, frankly, in deep water, and below me in a pit of at least eight meters. However, to blow bubbles, and one and a half meters is enough … But this is not the main thing. I’ll swim out, no problem, it’s not to flop in the autumn water, and then robinson on the Volga island in the rain and sleet, but there’s a photo and video camera, new spinning rod and other gear can’t be saved.

I leave all my things on the shore except for the spinning rod, landing net, lures and cameras on my head and go out into the water at the mouth of the oxbow. Today it is also hot and already somewhere in the distance thunder rumbles. There will be a thunderstorm. But so far only a light breeze wrinkles the water and the feeder feeders of the fishermen-boys, “bubbled” from the other bank, fall next to the terrible noise. The environment is not very suitable for catching a cautious summer predator. Nevertheless, after several casts, someone grabbed the turntable black with scarlet specks. And again – the torment of the paparazzi … You don’t know whether to take a landing net or give odds to the pike, they say, let him play his game, according to Stanislavsky or something else … And the pike played. This time she showed me her tail again, while I poked at the camera buttons and pondered, turned it on or not turned it on? .. As it turned out at home – turned it on, although there are still some glitches. But the main thing is that now I can prove and show that the pike, here it is, is on the hook. True, they can reasonably say to me: “Why – not in a frying pan? ..”.

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