Fishing for bream, roach and perch with a jig

We are talking about a less common type of jig and the technique of fishing with this jig. Mormyshka and equipment have been repeatedly tested at the Mozhaisk, Ruzsk and Ozerninsk reservoirs with consistently impressive results in terms of catches.

The article is written harshly and categorically, so fishing is also an uncontested thing: you either caught it or not.

Fishing place

The seats remain the same.

  • Bream: deep edges, ditch edges.
  • Roach: the same edges, only higher, 5-8 meters, “navels”.
  • It is more difficult with a valid perch: sometimes together with roach, sometimes with bream, but there were options when in the wilderness they found on the channel (Mozhayka, Ozerna 10-13 meters).

I want to make a reservation right away: there is no wilderness for the proposed fishing.


  • Bream – bloodworm + bream “Sensas”;
  • perch – bloodworm; roach – bloodworm + roach “Sensas”.

Sometimes without a bloodworm, but then the perch disappears. The food with bloodworms is mixed in the reservoir, otherwise the dry mixture will “suck” the bloodworms.


Any fishing rod, the gatehouse is plastic with an average or slightly large deflection for the jig offered here, the fishing line is no thicker than 0.09 mm (not discussed). To the fishing line – a hook from a television antenna. A plastic “pimp” is removed from the antenna, a very sharply sharpened nail, bent, as a rule, by 60-70mm is inserted into the glue, an elastic band is put on the point, and the hook is always in the boot, not in the box. With such a doublet, a wide Mozhaisk bream of 1.3-1.5 kg is displayed in the 130th hole.


In shape – a tungsten washer or something close to that. Diameter 4-5 mm, no more, height up to 3 mm. Hook – allows you to attach 3-5 large bloodworms. Line exit from the jig – in the center of the puck.

Fishing technique and tactics

The most important thing is that when smoothly rocking the gatehouse, the body of the jig does not come off the bottom, and the hook goes in a circle, like on a carousel. Check in the bathroom!

Some hooks do more than one turn, some do half a turn. It doesn’t matter, the main thing is to keep it spinning. I do not advise increasing the size of the jig – it will affect the bite.

If you don’t find a small frog similar in shape to those shown in the photo, a “fat” goat with a central mount may come up, but there will be more descents with it.

And further. It is better to fill a thin tackle into the hole for two minutes and see a bite in a minute than to quickly sink a heavy “bomb” and wait all day for it to “bang”.

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