Features of equipment for winter fishing

Fishing is a peculiar way to relax, forget about painful problems. For some it is a hobby, while for others it is the meaning of their whole life. At a certain time, there is a distinctive feature of both catching certain types of fish and the choice of specific gear. In this article, we will consider the correct selection of equipment.

First of all, a fisherman on winter fishing should be very warm and comfortable dressed. In very severe frosts, we recommend taking with you a military jacket, coat or pea jacket, which you can put on yourself; you can buy men’s military jackets on the website http://www.tkspecodegda.ru.

Features of equipment for winter fishing

Walking is used to determine how thick the ice is and to punch a hole in it. Facilitates movement on fragile ice so you can be sure not to fall under the ice. Powerful blows from the pawns show the thickness in a certain place, or you can sometimes lean on it, to be sure that it does not split under its own weight. Some anglers make holes with a drill, which weighs from 2 to 4 kilograms.

An ice screw will replace an ice pick with a consistently thick ice thickness. Much more productive, in comparison with the first example, and during operation an important factor will be low noise during operation. Folding augers are now common for added convenience to foot anglers, and blade replacement models are also popular. The scoop is one of the essential components of winter equipment. It will help clear the ice from the hole. Convincing tip: Use a wooden or Styrofoam handle, as these materials are warm and will not sink if the device falls into water.

All equipment and food can be conveniently stored in a special moisture-resistant box. Moreover, it can be used as a chair. Metal boxes are frost and shock resistant, but not convenient for transportation. From foam, they will be quite light and frost-resistant, but there is a high probability of deformation. The plastic boxes are very light, but in severe frosts they quickly lose their quality. The cover should be made of insulating materials for use as a seat.

The feeder should be used as heavy as the pond is deep, because the main goal is to reach the bottom. There are two types of it: controlled and uncontrolled. In the first variant, the bait falls in a “cloud”, and in the other – it crawls out by itself.

The type of bait will be influenced by the location and type of fishing. Bloodworms and maggots are considered the most optimal bait. The use of live bait is advisable when catching a large predator. In winter, it is better to take several rods with different equipment, which increases the chance of a good catch. It is recommended to grab lines with different diameters

What are the features of ice fishing equipment?

What kind of jig to use, because there are a huge number of options? It is better to try several varieties at once on the spot, starting from the “droplet” and ending with the “ant”, guessing such an unpredictable fish in a given period of time.

A jig is an artificial bait. The usual versions are used, but luminescent ones are also comfortable, also decorated with multi-colored beads that will appeal to hungry fish.

Clothing should be suitable for winter weather and all necessary requirements. Felt boots can be used as shoes, but they are not moisture resistant. The best option is special winter boots with many layers, including heat-insulating ones, made of water-repellent fabric.

The inner layer of clothing can be down or woolen. Outside, clothing must be waterproof, as well as protected from wind and precipitation.

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