DIY boat tuning

Do-it-yourself boat tuning (for example, the Windboat 45 Evo Fish boat). How to glue a boat deck with syntec marine carpet.

When buying a hull boat, especially the first one, many want this boat to be perfect. So that it not only fully suits the fishing conditions, be functional and comfortable, but also pleases the owner’s eye.

Many metal boats are factory equipped with moisture resistant plywood. And sheathing of this very plywood with marine carpet is an additional option, for which you will have to pay a tidy sum. In fact, this tuning can be done independently with certain materials and tools.

So, first of all we need (consumables for the example of the Windboat 45 Evo Fish boat):

• Syntec marine carpet – 6.5 meters (250-300 $);
• universal glue “Moment 88” 750 ml – three cans;
• brush – four pieces;
• acetone – two liters;
• knife and knife blades retractable;
• staple for stapler 8 mm – 10,000 pieces;
• furniture pneumatic stapler for driving staples;
• electric planer;
• grinder;
• screwdriver;
• mallet
• and packing of toothpicks (why? And we will tell later 😉).

DIY boat tuning

We also need a suitable room with good ventilation in which we will work.

one) The first step is to dismantle all the plywood elements and remove the fittings from them.

DIY boat tuning

2) Since the carpet, with which we will paste over the body, has a certain thickness, we first of all need to remove the edge from all the elements using an electric planer. Be sure to then grind all the edges with a grinder and remove the chamfer so as not to damage our carpet in subsequent operation.

DIY boat tuning

3) The next step – perhaps the most important – is the pattern. When placing all elements on the material and marking them, it is imperative to take into account the direction of the pile and not to confuse the opening of the lockers. Therefore, in order to simplify our work and facilitate it in the future, it is better to sketch a small diagram where we will mark all our plywood elements with numbers and mark them with chalk on top of them. Thus, when pasting, we will not confuse anything.

DIY boat tuning

4) The fourth step is pasting. There is nothing particularly complicated here. First, thoroughly clean both surfaces to be glued. Then they need to be well degreased with acetone, apply glue to both surfaces and wait according to the instructions. Then, on a flat table, put the plywood on the carpet, smooth it and turn the plywood down. Having carefully smoothed it again, we take the mallet in our hands and begin to tap the entire surface centimeter by centimeter. After that, it is necessary to grease all ends and edges with glue, wrap the carpet and fix it with staples with a gun. We paste over all the elements in the same way. After everything is dry, we cut holes in the lockers for the locks and install them.

DIY boat tuning

5) Everything, the main work is done. We just have to install all the elements back into the boat. This is where toothpicks will help us out, with their help we mark the holes, which will make it easier to find them. Then you should fix all the elements with self-tapping screws and install the hinges on the lockers. The boat is ready!

DIY boat tuning

DIY boat tuning

All the work took us a total of a week. But on the other hand, as a result, we not only have beauty made with our own hands, but also save half of the amount that manufacturers ask for this option. In more detail and clearly the whole tuning process, with prices, is shown in our video:

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