Cuba fishing: Cuba tents for winter fishing

Winter fishing is always interesting and unpredictable, because the weather and the sensations themselves are completely different. We can say that this type of fishing is similar to a quest, because on the way to a big catch there are enough obstacles: selection of tackle, drilling a hole and, of course, finding a fishing spot. But to make fishing not only interesting, but also comfortable, it is worth taking care of protection from wind and precipitation. A tent is a great option.

Nowadays, ice fishing cube tents are very popular among winter fishing fans. They are comfortable, functional, and most importantly, they perfectly protect from the winds.

What to look for when choosing?

You should be very careful when choosing and purchasing such an important object as a cube tent. Generally speaking, the following aspects need to be taken into account initially.

  1. The size. Manufacturers offer several standard sizes – 1.5 m; 1.8 m and 2 + m. It should be noted that the width of the upper part can be equal to the lower one, and then the tent will be in the shape of a cube, or be narrower than the lower part – then the tent becomes a “prism”.
  2. The material from which the tent is made. Tents are often made from Oxford fabric with a polyurethane coating. The material is not breathable and does not get wet. If you need to keep warm inside the tent, then you should pay attention to tents made from several layers of quilted fabric. In such models, a layer of lining fabric and synthetic winterizer is used.
  3. Frame base. Basically, the tent frame is made of fiberglass or duralumin alloy. These materials are durable, capable of withstanding heavy loads.

Benefits of cube tents

Compared to the usual umbrella tents, cubes have many advantages. For example, the vertical arrangement of the walls of a two-person tent will allow not two, but three fishermen to hide in it. The shape allows the angler, if necessary, to stand at full height. This is a great option to stretch your legs, because sometimes you have to sit for hours. Also, these models are very easy to install. Their installation does not take much time, which is very useful in the conditions of winter daylight hours. Also, one person can handle the installation. When folded, the tent is quite compact, which makes it easy to transport not only in a private car, but also in public transport. Special materials from which tents are made do not freeze to ice. It should be noted that the assortment of cube tents only expands over time. The quality of awnings and accessories is improving, the designers are finalizing the frames and other minor flaws, so we can safely say that the cube tent becomes a real houses for the fisherman.

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