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Reviews of outboard motors Mercury 3,3 M, Parsun F2.6 BMS and Parsun T3.6 BMS. Outboard motor Mercury 3.3 M Mercury Marine is one of the most famous companies producing quality outboard motors for anglers, hunters and tourists. It has been […]

There was still no time to test the boat and motor on the water. Bought recently and have not yet entered the “expanse of the river wave”. Only in the barrel did the engine start. The water boiled, mud and […]

I took a light boat from China for inspection. This boat was clearly not made for people … Today I am going on my fragile “canoe” to the oxbow on Malaya Kokshag. I hit the shore before entering the oxbow. […]

.. Everything that is produced at domestic factories is not assembled, but adjusted, irrigated with labor sweat. So it happened with my purchase … On a quiet June morning, our driver Sasha and I unloaded my new Ob-3 at one […]

Do-it-yourself boat tuning (for example, the Windboat 45 Evo Fish boat). How to glue a boat deck with syntec marine carpet. When buying a hull boat, especially the first one, many want this boat to be perfect. So that it […]

A lot of people think the Tokyo Rig is just a short leader dropshot, which it kind of is, but you don’t get the same action as you would from a dropshot. The action is just a little bit different. […]