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The success of spinners largely depends on the accumulated experience, knowledge of the characteristics of the behavior of predators. The methods of finding fish, the catching tackle, the way of managing it are all very individual, and experience is acquired […]

As fans of ice predator fishing, my friends and I fish throughout the winter season: from the time when the first strong ice is established on the Kuibyshev reservoir, to the days when the last ice still reliably holds the […]

This small fish, which has an elongated silvery body, feeds quite actively in winter, and when finding places of its concentration, fishing can be quite exciting. There are several ways to catch dace in winter. Yelets is a widespread fish […]

Ide is one of the active fish in winter. Due to the peculiarities of its habitat, it is usually not necessary to count on large catches of this fish, but this circumstance only spurs interest in the person of the […]

Perch is one of the most common ice fishing targets. “Striped” lives in almost any body of water, and its capture is a foregone conclusion, regardless of whether you are aiming with your tackle at pike, bream, roach or other […]

Amid a sea of new soft plastic creations, the traditional Kalin’s twister-tail grub is often overlooked by today’s bass anglers. This is unfortunate because the single-tail grub continues to catch big smallmouth bass. Without a doubt, my favorite grubbin’ time […]

When fishing on reservoirs, lakes and river creeks from spring ice, I approach the matter in a comprehensive manner, namely, I do not concentrate on catching one kind of fish, but looking for points where different large fish can come […]

Tyler Anderson can attest to the effectiveness of the umbrella rig, especially in the winter months. During the winter months, the bass fishing can be slow and daunting, but an Alabama Rig can change that feeling entirely. So, without further […]

At the very beginning of March, bleak, known to everyone and loved by many fishermen since childhood, begins to be actively caught on the Izhevsk pond. In Udmurtia, it is usually called a tickle. Despite the small size of the […]