Freezing up opens up very special opportunities for anglers, therefore they are waiting for it with such impatience, they are in such a hurry to go out on young ice. At the same time, it is often forgotten that absolutely […]

We are talking about a less common type of jig and the technique of fishing with this jig. Mormyshka and equipment have been repeatedly tested at the Mozhaisk, Ruzsk and Ozerninsk reservoirs with consistently impressive results in terms of catches. […]

Recently, rattlins (vibo) are often used for ice fishing for pike perch, pike and perch. I, too, was convinced from personal experience that this bait can compete with balancers and spinners. Tips for beginners On that day, the predator pecked […]

“From November to December 2014, 6 fishermen drowned in the Orenburg region on the Or river. On November 11, returning home after fishing, my older brother fell under the ice from hypothermia. It was +5 outside, but the ice was […]

There are many examples of how the initially successful winter fishing was spoiled by the fault of the fishermen themselves. For many, hunting for pike-perch is not about finding new, untouched places for a predator, but constant tracking of successful […]

The age-old question during the first ice period: where to go? On large bodies of water, especially on rivers, the ice has not yet formed or it is too thin, and the only available bodies of water are small lakes […]